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This “new-style” music video from Japanese rap/pop duo P.O.P. was “created with the latest VR & 3D sound technology.” Captured 3D live-action images combined with 3D animation and ”3D Sound” combining stereophonic and binaural recording comes together for a joyful, catchy music experience guaranteed to make you smile.

Title: KISS ME
Director: Akira Furuta, Ryutaro Nakamura
Producer: Ryutaro Nakamura
Country: Japan | RT: 5m43s
Production Company: CNS Inc.

Director’s statement: “This film is filmed with the latest stereo 6K 3D VR camera “Insta 360 Pro.” We captured 3D real-life images with depth and presence. Through editing with 3D animation, this film give a very real and slightly mysterious visual experience, and the ”3D Sound” combining stereophonic and binaural recording gives a more realistic feeling to you. Specifically, the location of the singers’ voice changes with the movement of the singer. At the same time, when you turn your head, the location of the singers’ voice will change. This gives you a realistic feeling as if you are whispering at your ear. Furthermore, the voices of the girls surrounding you give intense glamor. Please watch it following the singers’ motion for the first time. Next, please watch 6 times following each girl one by one. That means you can enjoy at least 7 times a total of at least.

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Kiss Me

Find out what it is like to walk through Guge Kindom Relics in Tibet from the perspective of its current Guardian, Pasang Tsering.

Title: Guardian of the Guge Kingdom
Director: Huang Bin
Producer: Frank Lee & Zhang Wei
Country: China | RT: 7m12s
Production Company: Beijing Autel Creative Culture Media Co., Ltd.

Tibet is a land filled with rich history and culture. Guge Kingdom Relics, which is located in western Tibet, is a part of Tibet’s history that is not known to most. Once a prosperous kingdom, Guge thrived for seven hundred years before its people mysteriously vanished, leaving a city full of temples, murals and Buddha statues behind to centuries of weathering under the stars. In this immersive VR experience, listen to Pasang Tsering’s story and follow his steps as he walks through this ancient city to study and protect its beauty, as he have done day after day for the past five years.

GUARDIAN OF GUGE KINGDOM---Equirectangular Poster

Climate change and defective government policies are precipitating one of the largest exoduses of migrant labor in the world.

Title: Submerged
Director: Nishtha Jain
Producer: Zain Memon
Country: India | RT: 8m10s
Production Company: Memesys Culture Lab

In July 2016, in the wake of rising water levels, panicking villagers cut away a portion of a mud dam, leading to a torrential burst of water that inundated hundreds of villages downstream. With houses and crops destroyed, the film moves through the submerged landscape of the people affected by the most devastating flood in Bihar since 2008.

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Submerged VR - India - FIVARS 2017Submerged - FIVARS 2017