Author: jcellsworth

I Philip, 360 vr film

Title: I, Philip
DIR: Pierre Zandrowicz
Country: France | RT: 14m
Production Company: Okio Studio

In early 2005, David Hanson, an American robotics, is developing its first android human. His name is Phil and it is simply the copy of the famous science fiction author Philip K. Dick. In a few weeks Phil became famous on the Web and in the author’s

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Vaudeville VR

Title: Vaudeville !
DIR: Thomas Villepoux
Country: USA | RT: 4m47s
Production Company: Digital Rise

A busy husband come back home in the middle of the day to find his gorgeous young wife all dressed with lingerie. Was she expecting a visit?

VAUDEVILLE is a 5’ energetic comedy VR-3D show following a bunch of epic characters in situations of love, passion, cheating, jealousy, awkwardness, sensuality and laugh. Inspired by the Vaudeville style, french popular theater, the classic comedy plots are renewed in a modern fashion. The inner principle stays : respectful society and irreverent behavior in an exhilarating paradox.

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Title: Immersive Combat: a VR experiment
DIR: Nick Malukhin
Country: USA | RT: 3m6s
Production Company: Spherica

Immersive Combat is an ambitious virtual reality project by Spherica. Shot with unique proprietary hardware which enables camera movement in 360 VR video, this first-ever action series, consisting of over a dozen films to premiere in 2016, takes you to places you could never imagine. All the amazing stunts are performed by world champions in Kung Fu, Muay Thai and Medieval Combat.

Spherica introduces the first-ever live-action series in 360 VR. Place yourself in the heart of the action where fantasy meets reality for a pure, uncompromised VR experience. Vikings and pirates, steampunk and cyberpunk – immerse yourself in the battle with world champions in Wushu, Muay Thai and Medieval combat.

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