Author: jcellsworth

cardboard goliath

Title: Cardboard Goliath
DIR: Marcy Boyle
Country: USA | RT: 5m15s
Production Company: DPYX Productions

“It has been said that art is a tryst; for in the joy of it, maker and beholder meet.”― Kojiro Tomita.

A live action 360° experience, chronicles the construction of a thirteen foot cardboard sculpture of Ivan Drago (from ROCKY 4) by Los Angeles street artist, Calder Greenwood, to experiment with the interplay of the execution by the artist, the audio-visual information presented by the filmmakers, and the kinetic reaction of the viewer in a Virtual Reality headset (HMD) to cultivate a ‘plastic point of view’ that encourages an immersive cinematic dance.

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Nobel's Nightmare screenshot

Title: Nobel’s Nightmare
DIR: Chamsy Sarkis
Country: USA | RT: 5m
Production Company: SmartNews Agency

One of the world’s oldest city and for many years the heart of the Syrian economy, Aleppo is now ravaged by war. This immersive footage was shot with the Syrian Civil Defense teams of Aleppo, the unarmed volunteers performing search and rescue, recently nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Filmed in 360°, the video is an insight on their every day struggle and a visit through the devastated city. The film includes include interviews with White Helmets as well as scenes of bombings and the rescue of those trapped in the rubble.


The Closet from Canadian Film Centre

Title: The Closet
DIR: Ian Tuason
Country: Canada | RT: 5m5s
Production Company: CFC Media Lab

A young man investigates strange supernatural forces in his new home when he discovers an even stronger, insatiable force where he least expects it.

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