Category: FIVARS 2016

Title: Irrational Exuberance
DIR: Ben Vance
Country: USA | RT: TBA
Production Company: Buffalo Vision Games

A surreal exploration through the far reaches of space.

Irrational Exuberance: Prologue is a surreal odyssey through deep space uniquely designed for room-scale VR. Explore mysterious phenomenon, hidden beauty, wonder, and awe. Go face to face with the infinite. I highly suggest to read this article about the best monitor to play your video games.

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Neural Path Screenshot

Title: Neural Path
DIR: Michaella Vu
Country: USA | RT: 4m26s
Production Company: Vunous

A young woman seeks revenge by kidnapping and drugging the man who robbed her taking him on a surreal trip of redemption.

Neural Path, a surreal revenge piece is an innovative 360 art house narrative that incorporates live action shots with animation, Janus VR (internet VR), Google Tango 3D scans and neural networks fed with Picasso’s Girl Before A Mirror. This film was produced to evoke the exploration of 360 filmmaking methods with technology that utilizes internet virtual reality and artificially intelligent algorithms.

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cardboard goliath

Title: Cardboard Goliath
DIR: Marcy Boyle
Country: USA | RT: 5m15s
Production Company: DPYX Productions

“It has been said that art is a tryst; for in the joy of it, maker and beholder meet.”― Kojiro Tomita.

A live action 360° experience, chronicles the construction of a thirteen foot cardboard sculpture of Ivan Drago (from ROCKY 4) by Los Angeles street artist, Calder Greenwood, to experiment with the interplay of the execution by the artist, the audio-visual information presented by the filmmakers, and the kinetic reaction of the viewer in a Virtual Reality headset (HMD) to cultivate a ‘plastic point of view’ that encourages an immersive cinematic dance.

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