The ecoNFT Showcase at FIVARS in FALL 2021

This showcase is a selection of CleanNFTs from environmentally conscious artists.

Clean NFTs is a phrase that describes NFTs that use cryptocurrencies with Proof of Stake as their consensus (security) mechanism, which is a more energy efficient way that blockchains can run.

The mission of the CleanNFTs community is to educate and raise awareness about environmentally efficient cryptocurrencies and NFTs, and to also push for change and create an improved creative economy that is based on climate action principles.

To find out more or to chat more with the CleanNFT community, visit, join the Discord or follow on Twitter @clean_nfts

Artist Statements

Melody Owen aka Pearl Hyacinth
Seven Virtual Seas

This is a collection of seven virtual seas filmed by Pearl Hyacinth while travelling across the metaverse. Filmed in the worlds: Cryptovoxels, Second Life, Roblox, Fortnite, Occupy White Walls, and Styly at different times of day, off the shores of Milan, Sansar, and Pearl Island, among others. It is the first seven seas series in a continuing conceptual PhD project about virtual worlds.”

A still from Melody Owen’s Seven Seas

ilan katin

“The famed three were brought together out of three separate pencil drawings in a square book that is dedicated to creating what I refer to as an ’emergent’ approach to drawing. With some slight modifications, these three figures create a vivid and surreal whole.”

The Bad Lament

“Produced in collaboration with the music artist Contack, this is #01 in a series of The Bad Lament signature virtual reality tunnels and sigils. Each tunnel has been hand painted in VR and features a representative sigil marking the significance of these single edition works. TBL-Sigil-01 manifests prosperity.”

Carla Knopp aka Olgelta

“LIE offers gentle defiance to the hypnotic gaslighting we face daily, from both personal and worldly sources. This exclusive 2021 NFT version is slightly shortened from the exhibition version, which was screened as an official selection at “Gstaadfilm: International Festival for Short Art Films”, Leipzig, Germany, “West Virginia Moutaineer Short Film Festival”, Morgantown, WV, and “Revolutions Per Minute Fest”, Umass, Boston, MA, all in 2019.”

mumu the stan aka MOON HMZ
Moon’s medication – Month

“By collecting an edition of Moon’s medication – Month, you can support one month’s worth of my prescription.

“Each frame from this series consists of photos of meticulously hand-arranged ‘pixels’ – i.e my anti-depressant pill foils (most of which are painted on the inside with acrylic paint) – on a background made of a collage of the medication inserts and painted over.”

Survey of Nomad Valley

“This work is a panoramic recording collected during an expedition into the self. Vast and empty, Nomad Valley is a sacred place where one can escape from all the noise and responsibilities of the other realities we inhabit. Let your mind wander and your spirit roam in this unspoiled land. To be explored alone or with friends.

Proceeds from the sale of this recording will fund future expeditions.
The first collector of this work will receive a permanent dedication in Nomad Valley.

Captured: 19/12/2021 |.mp4| Runtime 00:05:59 | 1920x1080px”

Evolutionary HUDs

Sutu’s work explores the future of digital culture.