A Little Love

A Little Love

When a successful hardworking mother finds herself too busy to make her daughters 8th birthday party on time – ​the girl makes an unusual wish, sending them on an unforgettable and eye-opening journey.

Title: A Little Love
Director: Alton Glass
Producer: Alton Glass & Amanda Shelby
Country: USA | RT: 8m
Production Company: Glassrock Studios

Kelsey is a successful hardworking mother that’s back in the workforce and making major strides in her career. Unfortunately, her 8 year old daughter Blake and her loving husband Sydney are starting to experience her increasing absence.

As Blake’s 8th birthday party approaches, Kelsey is given the simple task of just bringing the birthday cake on time. Seemingly easy, Kelsey barely makes it on time which causes her daughter to make an unusual birthday wish they will never forget.

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A Little Love