Dolphin Man

Dolphin Man

DOLPHIN MAN 360 immerses the viewer – literally – with three 360° videos/VR experiences, into three defining aspects of free diving in the footsteps of Jacques Mayol and what it might have to teach all of us.

Title: Dolphin Man
Director: Benoît Lichté
Producer: Cédric Bonin
Production Manager: Charlotte Ducos
Country: France | RT: 4m each
Production Company: Seppia, ARTE G.E.I.E., Wowow
Distribution: mk2 films

Search: Fabrice Schnöller is a scientist fascinated by marine mammals. He studies the behavioural acoustics of dolphins, whales, and sperm whales in the seas off the island of La Réunion, where he is based. He has developed new technologies, such as 3D acoustic cameras, etho-acoustic analysis software, and high-definition 3D acoustic recording devices. His goal is to connect clicks with behaviour, in order to understand how cetaceans communicate. This is one part of a trilogy.

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Dolphin Man