In His Presence VR - FIVARS 2017


In His Presence is an interactive prayer and meditation experience allowing users to spend time with the message of Jesus Christ.

Title: In His Presence
Director: Brenda Colonna
Producer: Philip Plough
Country: USA | RT: 15m
Production Company: Persistence Productions, VR Playhouse

IN HIS PRESENCE is a prayer and meditation experience focused around getting into the kingdom of heaven. Jesus Christ will speak to you through both scriptures and parables revealing instructive wisdom on living a virtuous life. While exploring the world a user is taken on a journey of ascension experiencing Biblical references in a variety of settings. Ultimately IN HIS PRESENCE is a tool allowing spiritual seekers to carve out time and mental space for a practice that can bring you closer to God and more in tune with the beauty of life.

In His Presence VR - FIVARS 2017

In His Presence VR - FIVARS 2017