Experience love, and you inevitable obsolescence, in MIYUBI!

Title: Miyubi
Director: Félix Lajeunesse, Paul Raphaël
Producer: Stéphane Rituit, Ryan Horrigan, Chris Bruss, Christian Heuer, Mathieu Dumont, Sean Dacanay
Country: Canada | RT: 40m
Production Company: Felix & Paul Studios

MIYUBI is a 40-minute virtual reality scripted comedy about a Japanese toy robot – inhabited by you, the viewer – gifted to a young boy on his birthday in 1982 suburban America. Over the course of a year, as the boy’s family begins to fracture, you experience love and your inevitable obsolescence through an intimate, hilarious and endearing interactive story. A virtual reality experience by Felix & Paul Studios, in collaboration with Funny or Die, starring Jeff Goldblum, P.J Byrne, Emily Bergl, Owen Vaccaro, Richard Riehl, Ted Sutherland and Tatum Kensington Bailey.