FIVARS VR Awards Show

FIVARS 2018 Award Winners

FIVARS is the original narrative-specific Virtual and Augmented Reality stories festival. Unlike many other festivals, it is a standalone event…

Battlescar 16x9


New York City, 1978: When Lupe, a Puerto Rican-American teen, meets fellow runaway Debbie, the Bowery’s punk scene and the…

Im Fine poster

I’m Fine

Using Augmented Reality, this piece sheds a light on the inner thoughts of those suffering with anxiety.

A Curious Mind poster

A Curious Mind

Dominic Monaghan takes 360-degree viewers beyond the bounds of earth to explain the breakdown of the atmospheres that surround the…

Deerbrook at FIVARS


Two strangers show up at a family’s cottage claiming to have spent their childhood summers there, but their behaviour seems…