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From director Gary Yost – dancing in the air…capturing the ineffable joy of flying in stereoscopic 360° at the San Francisco Aerial Arts Festival with six powerful dancers who defy gravity, accompanied by live violin in 6K stereoscopic.

Title: Acrobatic Conundrum
Director: Gary Yost
Format: 360 6K video
Genre/Niche: Arts
Country: USA
Running Time: 6m

Five women and one man from the Acrobatic Conundrum dance company invite us to join them using special rigs to get the VR camera up in the air right next to the dancers and we experience the feeling of what it’s like to break the bonds of earth. Filmed in 3D at the Fort Mason Center with the most advanced 360° camera in the world…the Z CAM V1.

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Why didn’t you open the door back then?

Title: Help Me (North American Premiere)
Director: Tae-kyung Yoo
Format: Interactive VR, HTC Vive
Genre/Niche: Horror, Thriller
Country: South Korea
Running Time: 10m

In this cel-shaded visual novella for VR, you are asked, why didn’t you open the door back then, when you heard the ghostly knocking?

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In 2025 technology is almost too friendly; augmented reality is embedded in everyday life. Experience the future of technology through the eyes of Winston and his friends.

Title: Contravision
Director: Josh Gonsalves
Format: 360 Video
Genre/Niche: Drama, Science Fiction
Country: Canada
Running Time: 15-20m

Wake up in the year 2025 on Winston’s birthday to a helpful AI assistant in a world consumed by augmented reality. Through the eyes of Winston and his friends, explore the human relationship with communication technology.

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