tx reverse poster


Director: Virgil Widrich
Country: Austria
Runtime: 5 minutes

In a way never before seen, “tx-reverse” shows a collision of reality & cinema & draws its viewers into a…

The Holy City

The Holy City

Director: Nimrod Shanit, Timur Musabay
Country: Canada / Israel
Runtime: 15 minutes

The Holy City is an interactive exploration of faith set in Jerusalem and told in Extended reality. The Holy City…

Pagan Peak

Pagan Peak

Director: Ioulia Isserlis, Max Sacker
Country: Germany
Runtime: 45 minutes (variable) - 2 credit base, up to 4 credits

Pagan peak VR takes the player on a journey to the darkest corners of the human mind. The player finds…

Battlescar Poster


Director: Nicolas Casavecchia
Country: France
Runtime: 21 minutes

1978 New York City. Lupe, a Puerto Rican American 16 year old, meets Debbie on the cell of a juvenile…


EX Anima Experience

Director: Pierre Zandrowicz
Country: France
Runtime: 12 Minutes

Ex Anima Experience is a VR experience of an equestrian choregraphy. Have we become too educated? Too civilized? We do…

The Man and the Elk Dog

The Man and the Elk Dog

Director: Mandy Stobo
Country: Canada
Runtime: 4 minutes

Listen to your dreams. Thanks to Storyhive, and The Light Factory, this VR film leans into the idea of a…

2nd Step

Director: Jörg Courtial
Country: Germany
Runtime: 10 minutes

2nd Step is a soaring VR journey through space from moon to mars and beyond. In the film, the viewer gets…


Memoria: Stories of La Garma

Director: Rafael Pavon
Country: United Kingdom
Runtime: 8 minutes

Memoria: Stories of La Garma is an interactive virtual reality experience narrated by Geraldine Chaplin that allows you to unleash…

ride 2049

A Ride in 2049

Director: Peter Baumann
Country: Germany
Runtime: 6 minutes

A Ride in 2049 is a transmedia virtual reality experience in which users can travel in a virtual tour of…

Walk In My Shoes VR

Walk In My Shoes

Director: Tyler Huyser
Country: USA
Runtime: 7 minutes 49 seconds

Walk In My Shoes is a package of virtual reality experiences that enables diversity training programs to humanize the experience…

Screensavers VR

Director: FLOAT LAND
Country: USA
Runtime: 8 minutes

Before the internet took over, before memes multiplied, there were windows of computer fantasy all over the world… courtesy of…

After Dan Graham

After Dan Graham

Director: David Han
Country: Canada
Runtime: 8 minutes

After Dan Graham is a mixed reality interactive art installation inspired by Dan Graham’s 1974 video art installation “Time Delay…


Columbia Cup Regatta 2018

Director: Scott Taradash
Country: USA
Runtime: 6 minutes 26 seconds

A complete VR sailing race experience from both water and aerial perspectives, including graphic explanation, captain narration, and a near…

State Power Poster

State Power

Director: Jeff Stanzler
Country: USA
Runtime: 8 minutes 45 seconds

Some months from now, in a new ‘rule of law’ America, a remote prison camp brutally shackles together five inmates…

deep connection VR FIVARS

Deep Connection

Director: Marilene Oliver
Country: Canada
Runtime: 11 minutes

Deep Connection is a VR artwork made with a full body MRI scan. Users can walk around the life sized…

Bauhaus Bavaria

Bauhaus in Bavaria

Director: Stefan/Andrea Goeppel/Zimmermann
Country: Germany
Runtime: 11 minutes

The “Bauhaus in Bavaria” VR Experience is a personal journey through time to the last buildings of Bauhaus icon Walter…

The Industry main image w logos

The Industry

Director: Mirka Duijn
Country: Netherlands
Runtime: 8 minutes

The Netherlands is the drug capital of Europe. Marijuana is in the nation’s genes, coke enters the country through its…


Plomo – Journey of a Bullet

Director: Giulia Jimenez
Country: USA
Runtime: 3 minutes

In this 360 experience inspired by true events you are the bullet fired by a GNB policeman into the middle…

See Me VR poster

See Me

Director: Alethea Root
Country: USA
Runtime: 5 minutes

See Me is an exploration of female body reclamation. Put on the headset and enter the subconscious mind of a…

Everest VR poster

Everest – The VR Film Experience

Director: Jonathan Griffith
Country: France
Runtime: 11 minutes

Follow a no bottled oxygen ascent up Mt Everest in VR On the 30th April 2017 world famous climber Ueli…

Hollywood Rooftop VR

Hollywood Rooftop

Director: Brett Leonard
Country: USA
Runtime: 12 minutes

Up above the broken dreams, they are closer to the stars. Hollywood Rooftop chronicles a group of talented young up-and-coming actors….


A Bar at the Folies Bergère

Director: Gabrielle Lissot
Country: France
Runtime: 6 minutes

A four-acts immersion into Manet’s famous painting ‘Bar At The Folies-Bergere,’ a four-acts immersion into Manet’s famous painting ‘Bar at…

Occurrence at Hollow Road

The Occurrence on Hollow Road

Director: Ian Tuason
Country: Canada
Runtime: 5 minutes

A single mother who grieves the loss of her only son moves into a new home that is haunted by…

Through Darcelles Eyes Poster 16x9

Through Darcelle’s Eyes

Director: Brad Gill
Country: USA
Runtime: 20 minutes

Walter Cole, aka Darcelle XV, is the oldest living performing drag queen in the West Coast’s longest running drag show….

Unheard Poster


Director: Zhechuan Zhang
Country: China
Runtime: 180 minutes

UNHEARD combines the captivating radio-drama style audio play with the multi-plotline narrative of immersive theatres, creating an unprecedented exploration experience….

old and rare forms of craftsmanship vr - poster updated

Old and Rare Forms of Craftsmanship

Director: Walter Schönenbröcher
Country: Germany
Runtime: 5 minutes

A documentary series of 9 episodes which shows old and rare crafts as 360 3D movies. A hint of melancholy…

12 Seconds

12 Seconds of Gunfire

Director: Suzette Moyer
Country: USA
Runtime: 8 minutes

“12 seconds of gunfire: The true story of a school shooting” is a powerful virtual reality experience produced by The…

Mother of the Forest VR

Mother of the Forest

Director: Kylie Caraway
Country: Canada
Runtime: 15 minutes

Mother of the Forest: A Co-Production between CFC Media Lab, and OCAD University, through their joint Digital Futures Program, is…

Penumo Hacker poster

Pneumo Hacker

Director: Kuan Yuan Lai
Country: Mandarin (English S-T)
Runtime: 11 minutes

Pneumo Hacker is a VR360 cyberpunk film about an aggressive form of air pollution that contains a hacker virus. When a person is infected with it, they lose consciousness then start behaving like a psycho.