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tx reverse poster


In a way never before seen, “tx-reverse” shows a collision of reality & cinema & draws its viewers into a…

The Holy City

The Holy City

The Holy City is an interactive exploration of faith set in Jerusalem and told in Extended reality. The Holy City…

Pagan Peak

Pagan Peak

Pagan peak VR takes the player on a journey to the darkest corners of the human mind. The player finds…

Battlescar Poster


1978 New York City. Lupe, a Puerto Rican American 16 year old, meets Debbie on the cell of a juvenile…


EX Anima Experience

Ex Anima Experience is a VR experience of an equestrian choregraphy. Have we become too educated? Too civilized? We do…

2nd Step

2nd Step is a soaring VR journey through space from moon to mars and beyond. In the film, the viewer gets…

ride 2049

A Ride in 2049

A Ride in 2049 is a transmedia virtual reality experience in which users can travel in a virtual tour of…

Walk In My Shoes VR

Walk In My Shoes

Walk In My Shoes is a package of virtual reality experiences that enables diversity training programs to humanize the experience…

Screensavers VR

Before the internet took over, before memes multiplied, there were windows of computer fantasy all over the world… courtesy of…

After Dan Graham

After Dan Graham

After Dan Graham is a mixed reality interactive art installation inspired by Dan Graham’s 1974 video art installation “Time Delay…


Columbia Cup Regatta 2018

A complete VR sailing race experience from both water and aerial perspectives, including graphic explanation, captain narration, and a near…

State Power Poster

State Power

Some months from now, in a new ‘rule of law’ America, a remote prison camp brutally shackles together five inmates…

deep connection VR FIVARS

Deep Connection

Deep Connection is a VR artwork made with a full body MRI scan. Users can walk around the life sized…

Bauhaus Bavaria

Bauhaus in Bavaria

The “Bauhaus in Bavaria” VR Experience is a personal journey through time to the last buildings of Bauhaus icon Walter…

The Industry main image w logos

The Industry

The Netherlands is the drug capital of Europe. Marijuana is in the nation’s genes, coke enters the country through its…

See Me VR poster

See Me

See Me is an exploration of female body reclamation. Put on the headset and enter the subconscious mind of a…

Hollywood Rooftop VR

Hollywood Rooftop

Up above the broken dreams, they are closer to the stars. Hollywood Rooftop chronicles a group of talented young up-and-coming actors….


A Bar at the Folies Bergère

A four-acts immersion into Manet’s famous painting ‘Bar At The Folies-Bergere,’ a four-acts immersion into Manet’s famous painting ‘Bar at…

Unheard Poster


UNHEARD combines the captivating radio-drama style audio play with the multi-plotline narrative of immersive theatres, creating an unprecedented exploration experience….

12 Seconds

12 Seconds of Gunfire

“12 seconds of gunfire: The true story of a school shooting” is a powerful virtual reality experience produced by The…


Mother of the Forest

Mother of the Forest: A Co-Production between CFC Media Lab, and OCAD University, through their joint Digital Futures Program, is…

Penumo Hacker poster

Pneumo Hacker

Pneumo Hacker is a VR360 cyberpunk film about an aggressive form of air pollution that contains a hacker virus. When a person is infected with it, they lose consciousness then start behaving like a psycho.