FIVARS Awards 2022

Check out the 2022 FIVARS Awards Ceremony!

The 2022 FIVARS Awards, presented in 2023, celebrated advancements and creativity in the immersive narrative landscape, showcasing a variety of categories that spanned selections from FIVARS in FEB and FIVARS in FALL 2022. These awards recognized remarkable talent in various areas, including People’s Choice for Best Passive and Interactive Immersive Experiences, the Impact Award for social change, and awards for excellence in Visual and Sound Design. Technical Achievement and Excellence in Experience Design were also highlighted, celebrating creators who utilized technology and integrated various elements like visuals, audio, and narrative to craft compelling, immersive worlds.
The Outstanding Performance Award acknowledged exceptional acting that breathed life into characters, either through passive playback or live virtual reality performances. The Grand Jury Prize, the highest accolade, honored an immersive experience that set new benchmarks in innovation, storytelling, technical mastery, and social impact. The FIVARS Awards aimed to define the evolving grammar of this highly expressive and spatial medium, recognizing creators who not only entertained but also left a lasting impact on the industry.