FIVARS in Fall 2021 Selections List

FIVARS proudly presents the Fall 2021 Official Selections. All are in competition and eligible for People’s Choice in Best Interactive or Passive Experience, Jury Prize and Impact Award.

360° Passive Experiences

Title: A Frequency At Lavernock
Director: Tracy Spottiswoode
Country: United Kingdom | RT: 8m 15s

The Captain’s Wife haunts the coast at Lavernock, fated to re-enact a tragic event from long ago. At the same site, the first-ever wireless message across the sea was transmitted in Morse Code by Guglielmo Marconi in 1897.

Title: Aguario
Director: Bela Paprena
Country: Argentina | RT: 3m 28s

A VR experience which explores the four horizons when the universal clock switches.

Title: Alien Secrets
Director: J.J. Barmettler
Country: United States | RT: 6m 30s

A Virtual Trans-Media (VTM) experience presenting provocative UFO and paranormal theme content lead by a cast of daring paranormal investigators and experiencers.Breaking Bread

Title: Breaking Bread
Director: Cigdem Slankard
Country: United States | RT: 22m

The film brings the audience inside the homes of four refugee families, as we share a traditional meal. These families are Burmese, Eritrean, Syrian and Afghan refugees who have recently settled in Cleveland.

Title: Breaking Ground
Director: Jake Villadolid
Country: United States | RT: 11m 34s

Post global annihilation, a recording device is sent back in time to uncover what happened. Upon arrival, the device is discovered by three estranged friends trying to reconnect on a camping trip

Cities of Ladies 2

Title: Cities of Ladies
Director: Kim Noce
Country: United Kingdom| RT: 5m 50s

An immersive poetic animation documentary trilogy created through multi-disciplinary art practices to foster hope, change and promote self-development; through the exploration and recognition of personal views and ideologies.

Title: Giotto Beyond Borders
Director: Emilio Della Chiesa
Country: Italy | RT: 37m

In the early XIV century, Giotto paints the entire interior surface of the Scrovegni Chapel (Padua) with a unitary iconographic project of extraordinary modernity inspired by the Augustinian theologian Alberto da Padova. The narrative tone of the pictorial cycle reveals the truth in the eyes and feelings of its characters, who, touched by patterns of light, seem to come to life in the scene.

Director: Nataliya Velykanova
Country: France | RT: 13m 55s

A journey of self-discovery and an invitation to travel in a world where we cannot travel anymore. It is about taking a few minutes to find calm and look deep inside ourselves to discover the universe that exists within all of us.

Title: Invasion of Normandy – Omaha Beach VR
Director: Uli Futschik
Country: United States| RT: 19m

Follow the stories of Hal Baumgarten, Richard Fazzio and Don McCarthy. The young and inexperienced soldiers and sailors were part of the Allied Invasion Forces on D-Day, June 6, 1944.

Title: Jelly and the Bear
Director: Mike Gruhn
Country: United States| RT: 3m 30s

Jelly is an 8 year old girl who always seems to find trouble, or perhaps trouble finds her. Jelly has a talent for telling tall tales. While her stories seem far fetched, she believes them with all her heart, to the dismay of her loving family. What happens next is anyone’s guess.


Title: Katya: Be Your Own Dentist
Director: Jonanthan Sims
Country: United States| RT:

Got a molar that’s been killing you? Cavities? Gingivitis? Find a spot on the floor, sit down, and RELAX. You got this.

Embark on a serene journey of self discovery and oral surgery with renowned drag performer Katya (UNHhhh, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Room 104)

Title: Lena’s Journey
Director: Wes Evans
Country: United States | RT: 35m 08s

Lena’s childhood is much like anyone’s: loving parents, great friends, big dreams, and a secret… In this VR film, you’ll get to experience psychotic symptoms from the perspective of the mentally ill, and see what it means to trust the people around you more than you can trust your own reality. 


Director: Davide Rapp
Country: Italy | RT: 27m 46s

The Monte Gelato waterfalls are located 50 km from Rome. Hundreds of film sequences compose a three-dimensional collage of the Falls as they have been filmed in over 180 productions including films, TV series, and commercials. History of Cinema and History of Humanity coexist in an unprecedented tableau vivant.

Once Upon a Story: The Boy's Triple Dream

Title: Once Upon My Story: The Triple Dreams of the Little Boy
Director: Francis Gélinas
Country: Canada | RT: 4m 24s

A boy wakes up in his room. Surprised, he sees that his bed is surrounded by water. To add to the surprise, the door to his parent’s bedroom leads to a surreal and endless desert.

PacSci 360°: HummingbirdsTitle: PacSci 360°: Hummingbirds
Directors: Ernie Flowers, Holly Duskin
Country: United States | RT: 10m 58s

Students like a fun challenge; thus this immersive video asks them to navigate 360°, while learning about hummingbirds, helping the students connect and appreciate them while also understanding some of the impacts of climate change.

Title: SHAED – Once Upon A Time
Directors: Morgan Embry, Keeley Turner
Country: United States |

We’ve all had a first love and felt the intensity that goes along with it. Even though those memories can be painful, “Once Upon a Time” invites you to explore them in a safe place, transported by a serene melody and fantastical instrumentation.

Title: Surviving 9/11 — 27 Hours Under the Rubble
Director: Chloé Rochereuil
Country: France | RT: 20m 21s

Twenty years after September 11, discover the extraordinary story of Genelle Guzman-McMillan, the last survivor rescued from the rubble at Ground Zero. Featuring never-seen-before 360° images of the World Trade Center, this experience is a unique virtual reality dive into the story of a 9/11 survivor.

Title: Symphony
Director: Igor Cortadellas
Country: Spain | RT: 13m 42s

Symphony is an immersive VR experience that takes spectators on a journey through emotions and music, led by Gustavo Dudamel, by placing them inside both the orchestra and the instruments themselves, right at the heart of music.


Title: Terra TV
Director: Marek Jacek Slipek
Country: Germany | RT: 4m 48s

Between epic lightness, buzzing control monitors and nightmarish apocalypse Terra TV tells of the arrival of a species alien to us, whose signals and signs we cannot decipher. Much is implied without showing or telling in detail.

Title: The Residents – Inside A Circle of Dreams
Directors: Nick DenBoer, Bill Domonkos, David Lawrence
Country: United States | RT: 16m 56s

Celebrating their 50th anniversary, the anonymous music/art/multimedia collective, The Residents, brings their iconic avant-garde vision to virtual reality with “Inside a Circle of Dreams”, a stereoscopic 360º immersive performance. The Residents invited four internationally-acclaimed artists to reimagine and replace the show’s audience and venue with all new animated imagery inspired by three songs.

Title: Uku Pacha
Director: Diego Bonilla
Country: Ecuador | RT: 22m

In an old van crossing the Andes, three unknown passengers share a secret. A person has committed suicide, the victim of false news spread on social media, and someone blames them for it. You are the fourth passenger and witness of their journey.

Title: Youth During COVID
Director: Sojung Bahng
Country: Canada | RT: 25m 25s

Eight Carleton University expressed their pandemic experiences in creatively different ways and provide the narration in their own voices. They represented how their daily lives during the pandemic became repetitive, lonely, inescapable, confined or surreal.


Title: Untouched
Director: Michel Lemieux
Country: Canada | RT: 4m 49s

Untouched is an artistic look at life during the pandemic quarantine. How people become distant as society grows apart. The longing desire to touch and be touched back. Everything feels so out of reach.


Title: Andy’s World
Director: Liquan Liu
Country: China | RT: 15m

People often indulge in the narrow sense of life and ignore the other possibilities of life. This work metaphors life in a broad sense in an ambiguous virtual space, and uses immersive large-space redirected walking technology to skillfully manipulate space and sense of scale to express the variety and wonder of life. Everything is alive.

Title: Barnstormers: Determined to Win
Director: Derek Allen Ham
Country: United States | RT: 17m 15s

“Barnstormers: Determined to Win.” is an interactive VR experience set to the backdrop of the Negro Baseball League. The immersive experience is a historical fiction piece set in the 1940’s. Users will experience the story from the perspective of a Negro League baseball player.

Title: Belongings
Director: Carol Silverman
Country: United States | RT: 20m

Every day, across the world, survivors are left with the possessions of a loved one who has passed away, a lifetime of objects holding their secrets and no one left to tell their story. What if sorting through those objects revealed a person different from the one you knew?

Bystanding: The Feingold SyndromeTitle: Bystanding: The Feingold Syndrome
Director: Nim Shapira
Country: Israel | RT: 10m

In 2009, Israeli rowing champion Jasmine Feingold lost consciousness and capsized while rowing in Tel Aviv’s Ha’Yarkon River. Jasmine stayed submerged for four and a half minutes. During that time, none of the dozens of spectators and passersby on the riverbank took any action to help her, until finally, one person did.

Title: Dark Threads
Director: Jonathon Corbiere
Country: Canada | RT: 60m

Dark Threads is an interactive VR science-fiction experience in which you play as Dominic Monaghan, an inventor with a scheme to save the world. Things go horribly wrong when you attempt to transfer your consciousness into Rhea (Kandyse McClure), the benevolent AI you’ve created to help you achieve your noble goal. Now, half of you is trapped inside the computer. Your memory is gone, your time is running out and you must piece together what has happened. Can you trust Rhea? Can you trust even yourself? Choose wisely, because everything you think, everything you do has a consequence.

Title: Exhibition A
Director: Sam Mateosian, Allen Baldwin
Country: United States| RT: 20m

A playful networked social VR experience of music, poetry, and dance in collaboration with recording artist Janaesound and her organization CYWOC (Coded by Young Women of Color). The project showcases a variety of artists in 360 video while allowing viewers to play as avatars in the recorded spaces. It incorporates novel use of networked hand tracking, allowing players to use natural gestures as part of the virtual social experience.

Title: Forget Pastworld
Director: Siavash Naghshbandi
Country: Iran | RT: 15m

I clicked on a “Forgot password” link and security questions appeared. At what age did you lose your privacy? Most of the data generated by humans today are easily accessible and can be analysed by computers. The only world that remains inaccessible is the realm of our personal experiences and memories. As if our memories are frozen in a part of our life in the past and their recalling necessitates a certain kind of distortion. If artificial intelligence plans to find access to my memories, how deep can it go and what meanings can be provided?

Title: Icarus
Director: Michel Lemieux
Country: Canada | RT: 12m

Freely inspired by the infamous character from Greek mythology, Icarus is an immersive experience that literally wraps us in the skin of Icarus, the young man who burns his wings by flying too close to the sun. We move through his memories of the places and events from his childhood, privy to conversations with his father, Daedalus.

Title: JAILBIRDS: Bwa Kayiman
Director: Thomas Villepoux
Country: Belgium | RT: 10m

Despite his hellish prison cell and the constant suffering, Felix the good giant always seeks the bright side of life. His bullet-proof serenity infuriates the vicious Chief-Warden who has sworn to uncover the inmate’s secret and eradicate his happiness once and for all. A fantastic tale on the price of freedom.

Title: Jordan Dies in Space
Director: Shaun Alexander Crawford
Country: Canada | RT: 15m

Jordan Jones Dies in Space is a 1st person VR experience about a maintenance worker on an interstellar cruiser on a routine space walk for repairs when the ship suddenly has to make an emergency jump, leaving Jones stranded alone in space. The implosion from the ship jump sends a meteorite that pierces Jones’ suit. The resulting oxygen leak causes a series of hallucinations – each one a memory of fear, loneliness, and isolation involving important people from Jordan’s past.

Title: Homecoming: A Meditation on the Natural World
Director: Katie B. Turner
Country: United States | RT: 35m

Listeners participate in a guided mediation, then complete tasks with items in a box designed to reestablish their connection to the essential elements of earth, air, fire and water. Blow bubbles, hold stones in your palms, anoint yourself with lavender water–all while learning the importance of caring for our environment, our home.

Title: Madrid Noir
Director: James A. Castillo
Country: France | RT: 40m

A young woman arrives at the apartment of her estranged and deceased uncle. Tasked with picking up the pieces of her life, she is unexpectedly thrown back into the past to relive a summer she spent with him as a child.

Title: Mementorium
Director: Dylan Paré
Country: Canada | RT: 30m

Mementorium is a heartfelt story about identity and belonging told through a branching narrative in virtual reality. Uncover memories of gender and sexuality bias inside “mementos” that transport you to a dreamlike environment. Make story choices through playful interactions to transform your “mementorium” into a place of strength and belonging.


The Mind VR Title: Mind VR Exploration
Director: Deng Zuyun
Country: China| RT: 20m

Explore Chinese classical architectures, implements, poems in this beautiful immersive experience.

Title: MYRIAD – Where We Connect
Director: Lena Thiele,Sebastian Baurmann, Dirk Hoffmann
Country: Germany | RT: 40m

MYRIAD is a project about animal migration in the Anthropocene and has crafted a highly artistic and poetic virtual reality experience, based on scientific migratory data, that invites the visitor to experience our world as an interdependent system. We follow the migratory journeys of three animals: The Bald Ibis, the Arctic Fox, and the Green Sea Turtle, along wind and ocean currents, across continents and through soaring mountain ranges as they make their way around the globe.

Title: Next Time
Directors: John Ertman, Evan Neiden
Country: United States | RT: 1h

“You’re dead. Sorry for the inconvenience.” A once-in-a-lifetime call from the Bureau. Worried, confused, or overwhelmed? Don’t be! Your caseworker is here to help. NEXT TIME is a live, interactive comedy experience for a solo audience member, taking place over the course of a call to your mobile phone.

*Attendee must schedule experience

Title: OnBoardXR
Directors: Brendan Bradley
Country: United States | RT: 1h 10m

A collaborative anthology of live performances from around the world experimenting with groundbreaking 3D/XR/VR/AR virtual technology within a single evening and a single web browser.

*Attendee must sign up for scheduled performance

Title: Pin Up! The Movie: An Interactive Documentary
Director: Kathleen M. Ryan
Country: United States | RT: 1h

Meet the global phenomenon! Spanning six continents and seven years in the making, this interactive documentary immerses you in the global world of pin up. You’ll discover the women (and men) who are making their mark on the world with vintage style.

Title: Samsara
Director: Hsin-Chien Huang
Country: Taiwan | RT: 21m

In the near future, the Earth environment is completely destroyed by the human race. We have to abandon it and find a new home in space. After hundred years of space travel, we have re-engineered our DNA and artificially evolved into a new form.

Title: Song in the Smoke
Director: Jake Kazdal
Country: Japan | RT: 12-20h

Explore a beautiful, yet deadly virtual world. Use your bare hands to craft weapons and tools, make clothes, and brew potions that you’ll need to defend yourself against the vicious predators that stalk the ancient forests, forgotten meadows, and mountain passes of Song in the Smoke.

Title: Squingle
Director: Dr. Ben Outram
Country: England | RT: 4-5h

Squingle is the Goddess of the Squingle Universe. This psychedelic experience unfolds before you as you unlock puzzles creating an immersive VR world. Squingle is not just game but a cinematic interactive ride.

Title: The Magic of Flight
Director: Haggai Goldfarb, Thomas Wallner
Country: United States | RT: 30m

The ‘Magic of Flight’ is an innovative, all web, thirty minutes immersive education experience in sixteen episodes centered on the theme of flying.

Title: The Passengers
Director: Ziad Touma
Country: Canada | RT: 39m

The Passengers is the story of four passengers who do not know each other, traveling together in a train square. They share one point in common: they are all facing a pivotal moment in their lives.