North American Premiere

Bloody Reunion

Passive Spherical Video

Bloody Reunion

Directed by:

Haiping Gu




29m 50s


A mysterious phone call brings three old friends back to their high school after a decade. They find the school is long abandoned and haunted by something they are very familiar with. Weird phone rings, secret video clips, a hanged body, and other bizarre events occur… All point to the unspeakable past and the sin they committed 10 years ago. Is it Karma? Is it the missing girl, herself a victim of school bullying, who takes vengeance on her tormentors? It is just about to begin…


Director Bio:

Haiping Gu Haiping Gu is a Director and Executive Director from China. He is the Co-founder of London China Image Film Festival. His film “People” has been exhibited at the Venice International Film Festival and the Munich International Film Festival.

Haiping is known for “Post Truth” (2023), “Cloudy Mountain” (2021), “Hi, Mom” (2021), “Love Will Tear Us Apart” (2021), “Impermanence” (2020), “Battle of Memories” (2017), “City of Rock” (2017), “But Always” (2014), “Back to 1942” (2012), “Dear Enemy” (2011).

Bloody Reunion