Canadian Premiere

Passive Spherical Video

The Descent

Directed by:

Tatiana collet Apraxine






The Descent is an animated Virtual Reality journey into the mythical Underworld that explores the themes of grief and loss. It reflects on how grief touches our lives and is one of the most powerful, painful, universal experiences of being human. This 360 film immerses the viewer on a mystical journey through magical ancient realms and weaves a rich sonic tapestry of reflective interviews on grief together with striking visuals.

Director Bio:

Tatiana is a VR director/creator and real-time artist originally from France, and living in London. Tatiana extensively trained and worked in theatre before transitioning to a career in VR/XR.

She co-founded a physical theatre company, with whom she co-created, produced, and performed their award-winning show “Anna Karenina Na Na” which performed to sold-out audiences around the UK. She completed her MA in Immersive storytelling from Royal Holloway.

She worked with immersive companies, including FlipsideXR, StoryFutures, and ScanLab, on their immersive projects, such as FRAMERATE, which opened at SXSW in 2022. She wrote, produced, and directed The Descent, her first VR short experimental documentary within Unreal Engine.