FIVARS 2022 Artist Spotlight: “-22.7°C” Feat Molécule, Now Playing in the Dome

The FIVARS Virtual Dome Theaters have been a big hit in displaying 4K and above content featuring visually striking work by creators around the world. Today we look at -22.7 an exhilarating visual montage set to music by Molécule.

FIVARS: What led to the creation of this piece?
The creaking of the glaciers, the blowing of the ice floes, the silence of the polar night…The electronic music producer Molécule went to isolate himself in Tiniteqilaaq, a village in Greenland for five weeks in 2017. There he recorded the sounds of the arctic to compose the music of his album -22.7 °C. The immersive experience plunges the viewers on a sensory and introspective journey through the polar lands.

The beauty and the hardness of these arctic worlds confront the interior and personal worlds of Molecule during this initiatory journey. These “interior worlds”, virtual universes, were conceptualized in 3D by Jan Kounen and Amaury La Burthe. With the Molécule soundtrack, the two worlds merge harmoniously and plunge us into the heart of the musical creation process. This hybrid project thus combines the best of immersive technologies, cinema, sound, and musical experimentation.

FIVARS: How did you become an immersive media content creator and why?
We became dome content creators to diversify the content that used to be done in domes and by the arrival of more and more domes on the planet.

FIVARS: What do you have planned for the future?
We have planned for the future more dome content, even more, diverse than today and to facilitate the viewing of full-dome immersive movies by Hubblo Immersion.

FIVARS: What would you like to share with fellow content creators and/or the industry?
All audiovisual productions can be immersive.

FIVARS: Do you think VR festivals like FIVARS are important?
Yes, because it is a festival open to a plurality of works from the new media and it is thanks to a festival like FIVARS that we can discover new ways of doing things, new media, and a variety of content.