North American Premiere

Once Upon My Story

Passive Dome Projection

Once Upon… My Story!

Directed by:

Francis Gélinas




22m 0s


Once upon a time… children were invited to let their imagination run free and tell stories using their own words. Animated for the small screen, these charming, humorous adventures combine reality and fantasy, and immerse us in the unbridled imagination of children. Once Upon… My Story! celebrates the wit, spontaneity and boundless imagination of young children. Everything is possible: frogs can fly, cookies grow on trees and one can sail a bunk bed like a ship. A real treat!

Director Bio:

Francis Gélinas Francis Gélinas graduated from the N.A.D. center in video game design, from the Cégep de Maisonneuve in Multimedia Integration Techniques, and from Concordia University in Fine Arts with a major in animation cinema. He has been working in the animation and cinema field for over 16 years. Initially an animator, then an Artistic Director and Director at Moment Factory, he founded his own company ( in 2006.

Once Upon My Story