Fly Beyond Le Logis

Fly Beyond Les Logis

Directed by:

Efraim Wizen, Ram Baruch




3 minutes

Reminiscent of Umbrellas of Cherbourg, this musical art experience mixes live action and animation, following a playful group of dancers as they whisked away by a mysterious host in Le Logis, 17th century castle and discover the “wonders of the Grey Goose ingredients.”

A playful group of dancers arrive to the magical 17th century castle in the south of France -Le Logis-the House of Grey Goose. They are whisked away by a mysterious host who guides them as they discover the wonders of the castle from the cultivation of the ingredients that ultimately becomes Grey Goose to the sweeping views of never ending vineyards. An otherworldly love story unfolds to life between a young dancer and the host while the world around them comes to life through epic, colorful brushstrokes. As their bond deepens, the secrets behind our mysterious host begins to unravel…

This is a musical art experience based on live footage and animation, created from the paintings of JC ROY and we feel a successful approach to marketing with immersive tech.

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Fly Beyond Le Logis