Thalu: Dreamtime is Now

Directed by:

Tyson Mowarin




18 minutes

An indigenous mine site worker is transported to the spirit world, where he meets the spirits and custodians of the land and learns about how they are connected to humankind, even as their sacred sites are under threat by the modern human world.

In 2018, Frame VR in association with Weerianna Street Media, Screen Australia and Screen West premiere Thalu: Dreamtime Is Now, a real time Virtual Reality Indigenous Dreaming experience ​based on an o​riginal story​ crafted by proud Ngarluma man, Tyson Mowarin, an award-winning Indigenous artist who is also the project’s writer and director. Thalu (which means “totem” in the Ngarluma language) will transport you into the spirit world, where you will meet your guide, Jirri Jirri, who will show you the spirits and custodians of the land, including the faunal and floral spirits of Ngarluma country.

You will learn about these spirits and environments and how they connect to humankind. Connecting the past, present, and future By using cutting-edge virtual reality technology to create a deeply immersive and interactive experience, Thalu will allow audiences worldwide to see the Dreaming of the Ngarluma people of North Western Australia, and share the special connection that the Ngarluma people have to their country. ​Thalu also demonstrates that VR is an effective digital extension tool that can be harnessed to preserve and celebrate Indigenous culture and stories.