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Penumo Hacker poster

Pneumo Hacker

  • Title: Pneumo Hacker
  • Director: Kuan Yuan Lai
  • Country: Mandarin (English S-T)
  • Runtime: 11 minutes

Pneumo Hacker is a VR360 cyberpunk film about an aggressive form of air pollution that contains a hacker virus. When a person is infected with it, they lose consciousness then start behaving like a psycho. The film is a metaphor about the way we constantly deceiving ourselves by refusing to see the corruption that surrounds us. While we wear our pink-coloured glasses, the world is facing an existential threat.

The anti-hacker squad discovered the hacker virus during the first aid treatment of the infected ones, an anti-virus war is about to begin…

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Pneumo-Hacker FIVARS 2019

Pneumo-Hacker FIVARS 2019