Hominidae still - FIVARS 2020


Directed by:

Brian Andrews





(Passive Experience – 360 Theater)

Hominidae depicts an ecosystem of x-ray visibility. Creatures have evolved in surprising ways, where humans, birds, spiders and frogs share unique anatomies. This experience follows an Arachnid Hominid, an intelligent creature with human and spider physiology, as she struggles to raise her young in a hostile environment. The story is told in five vignettes, from the birth of the children to the death of the mother in the teeth of her prey.

Director Headshot - Brian Andrews - Hominidae Director Biography – Brian Andrews

Brian Andrews is a storyteller and visual technologist who produces media for the visual effects, animation, and fine art markets. His works have been exhibited at Le Marché du Film Festival de Cannes, Hong Kong Exhibitions Centre, the Queens Museum, and the California Academy of Sciences among many others. Currently, he serves as the chair of Post-Production at DePaul University’s School of Cinematic Arts.

Hominidae still - FIVARS 2020