Inside Lieutenant Gustl

Directed by:

Sebastian Brauneis





(Passive Experience – 360 Theater)

Based on a play by Arthur Schnitzler and being one of the first virtual theatre experiences, “Inside Lieutenant Gustl” immerses the viewer in the mental headspace of a young Austrian officer from 1900 grappling with an existential crisis. His personal journey echoes our own society’s search for identity, authenticity and a binding reference system to face today’s endless and overwhelming possibilities.

Director Headshot - Sebastian Brauneis - Inside Lieutenant Gustl Director Biography – Sebastian Brauneis

Sebastian Brauneis was born in 1978 in Vienna, Austria. During his studies, he took up work in film and television rotating in various departments. During this time, he wrote and directed 66 episodes for the TV series “Broadcast Without Name”, “Welcome Austria”, “Bösterreich”, “Democracy, the Show” and “Elevate”. Since 2014 he teaches “Camera Acting” at the Max Reinhardt Seminar of the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna. His movie debut “Zauberer” premiered in 2018 at the Max Ophüls Prize in Saarbrücken.