Iracema's Promise poster FIVARS 2020

Iracema’s Promise

Directed by:

Larissa Ribeiro





(Passive Experience – 360 Theater)

Maria Eduarda is six years old. The girl was playing at home when she was bitten by a scorpion. Iracema, her mother, desperately searched for a boat to take her daughter to the nearest hospital at Belém downtown. Mary was between life and death. Upon seeing an image of Mary of Nazareth, holy patroness of this Amazon city, Iracema makes a promise to save her daughter’s life. With her child recovery, she now needs to leave her house on a journey to fulfil her promise.

Director Headshot - Larissa Ribeiro - Iracema's Promise.jpg Director Biography – Larissa Ribeiro

Larissa Ribeiro is a transmedia storyteller, screenwriter and director. Founder of CasaBarco Filmes. Specialist in TV and New Media, for EICTV. Graduated in Journalism from the Federal University of Pará, Amazon region of Brazil, where she produced, wrote and directed several programs on TV Cultura do Pará. Director and writer of the short documentary “October, Second Sunday” (2016), the first collaborative documentary project on “Círio de Nazaré”. Executive producer and second unit director of the fiction series “Squat na Amazônia” (2017) and the doc series “Aurá, I’m from there” (2017) both for TV Brasil. Member of the creative core of projects from the production company Visionária Filmes. Director and screenwriter of the virtual reality movie “Iracema’s Promise” (2019). Larissa is currently working on her first feature film as a director, one of the winners of the Avon Women’s Fund for Audiovisual.

Iracema's Promise poster FIVARS 2020