Directed by:

Nataliya Velykanova




13m 55s

INTROSPEXION is an immersive art experience in virtual reality. It is a journey of self-discovery and an invitation to travel in a world where we cannot travel anymore. It is about taking a few minutes to find calm and look deep inside ourselves to discover the universe that exists within all of us.

It all starts with a thought which, through different concepts, gives us a perception of our reality.
Is reality universal or specific to each one of us?

Is the world around us a simple illusion, a construction of the mind?

Through the three art experiences created by the artists of Gate22 community, you will be invited to an introspection to find your personal answers to these questions. The experience will transport you through different digital universes on this human and philosophical journey in order to discover the world from a different angle. For a few minutes you will be immersed in an intimate and deep state of your consciousness…

When you return, will reality still seem as “solid” to you as before?