Katya: Be Your Own Dentist

Directed by:

Jonathan Sims


United States

Got a molar that’s been killing you? Cavities? Gingivitis? Find a spot on the floor, sit down, and RELAX. You got this.

Embark on a serene journey of self-discovery and oral surgery with renowned drag performer Katya (UNHhhh, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Room 104)

About the Director

Jonathan Sims (Dreamtime VR, The Cosmic Laughter of Cucci Binaca) is an award-winning immersive film director with a broad background in high profile VFX (American Gods, X-Men Apocalypse, The Hunger Games). Sims first went viral with his films for the hacktivist collective Anonymous. His immersive work has been featured by Samsung, received the Technical Achievement Award at FIVARS 2020 and the Virtual Reality Award at The LIFEARTS Festival 2020. Always on the cutting edge, Sims uses volumetric technology and stereography to create worlds that are both beautiful and unsettling and occupy the space between wonder and horror.

Director Statement

“I wanted to give Katya fans new VR cinema that doesn’t compromise on fidelity or aesthetics. “Be Your Own Dentist” is unique because it was shot with the same kind of sophisticated 3D camera that is used to create the high fidelity 3D experiences of Ready Player One and Marvel movies, but now these images have been projected into a 360 environment and integrated with beautiful CGI worlds to create an immersive and truly cinematic experience. I wanted it to feel like being inside a movie, like a movie in a theater, not a video.”