Blood Relations


Blood Relations

Directed by:

Analee Weinberger with Dpt.


Canada, Israel




“What makes us who we are?” is the question that drives Blood Relations, a whimsical VR documentary about an adopted child and an ancestral mystery. In this interactive quest, Analee Weinberger takes us on a journey through surreal landscapes of personal history and invites us to consider how our own stories are created.

Director Bio:

Analee-WeinbergerAnalee Weinberger is a filmmaker, media educator and producer based in Vancouver, BC who specializes in documentary video as a tool for community engagement and creative expression. She has a background in studio photography and an interest in incorporating non-traditional documentary techniques such as animation and video poetry in her work. She is a former education director at The Cinematheque in Vancouver and holds a master’s degree in social work from McGill University.

Blood Relations