Kingdom of Plants


Kingdom of Plants with David Attenborough

Directed by:

Iona McEwan


United Kingdom, United States


4m 45s


Welcome to a strange and dangerous world: the Kingdom of Plants. For the first time, immerse yourself in the otherwise hidden lives of plants in Virtual Reality. Follow David Attenborough deep into this savage world and witness together the desperate battles, the beauty, and the sacrifices plants make to ensure the survival of their species.

Experience the world in plant time, at plant scale, through time-lapse sequences, spectacular macro cinematography and the stunning quality 8K 3D 60fps footage. In continuation of the landmark TV production David Attenborough’s Kingdom of Plants, comes this breathtaking three-part immersive series that reveals the perils and drama of the plant world.

Over three episodes, unearth allies, enemies, and predators of the plant kingdom. Sit inside some of the most beautiful and rare blooms on our planet, or be beguiled by the beautiful but bloodthirsty sundew. Dive inside a microscope to see some of the smallest seeds in incredible detail.

Be consumed by fungi: one of the most gruesome yet essential organisms on our earth. Witness the battle cry of a Pine tree and become entrapped in the infamous Venus Flytrap. Combining spectacular time-lapse footage shot over weeks with macro live-action and computer graphics, Kingdom of Plants reveals the battles and dramas raging in the undergrowth.

Produced using customised 3D stereoscopic cameras, specially developed stereo-timelapse rigs, and innovative VFX compositing techniques, Kingdom of Plants pushes the potential of immersive media production pipelines. At 8K, details of flowers, plants, and insects invisible to the human eye are revealed. Breath-taking spatial sound design infuses the perils and drama of the plant world with life. The 60fps frame rate shows every delicate movement of a mushroom tearing as it grows or a flowers spectacular bloom.

Director Bio:

Iona McEwanIona is a creative working in immersive media at Alchemy Immersive. She has worked on the creative and design for a variety of AR, VR, and MR projects, most recently directed the VR series David Attenborough’s Kingdom of Plants for Oculus TV. Her focus is exploring how emerging medias can be used to explore the narratives hidden in plain sight and engage new demographics in factual content.

Kingdom of Plants