Star Stuff

Star-Stuff: a way for the universe to know itself

Directed by:

John Desnoyers-Stewart






Star-Stuff: a way for the universe to know itself is an immersive experience created to remind immersants of their fundamental connection to humanity and the universe. This hybrid VR artwork brings two people together in a surreal cosmic experience shared with an anonymous stranger. Their bodies are transformed into constellations surrounded by a myriad of orbiting stars whose lifetimes unfold before their eyes. They can play with their galaxy’s gravitation by moving around, interact with the stars as if splashing in a cosmic ocean, or simply watch as eons flash by in seconds.

Each encounter is a unique reflection of the immersants, leaving space for them to tell their own personally meaningful and embodied stories, written in the stars. By reframing the body in a shared aesthetic, this unique experience encourages immersants to see each other in a common light, as “star-stuff” brought to life.

Director Bio:

John Desnoyers StewartJohn Desnoyers-Stewart is an interdisciplinary artist-researcher who creates immersive installations and performances to encourage new perspectives on immersive technology and to better understand its true potential. Combining his background in engineering and art he is investigating and altering how technology shapes the body and its place in the physical and social world.

His multi-user installations transform real bodies into ethereal forms and incorporate physical touch into the virtual world, encouraging immersants to see and experience each other in a new light. Through his artwork and research he hopes to encourage social connection and collaborative creativity by exploring positive social applications of abstract embodiment in virtual reality.

Star Stuff