Tale of Onogoro


The Tale of Onogoro

Directed by:

Hiromichi Takahashi, Hiroyo Matsuyama, Tetsuya Watanabe






One day, it is reported that five Incensed Kami have manifested on the sacred floating island, Onogoro Island. Haru, as the High Priestess of the Grand Holy Shrine: Daijingu is dispatched to the island to see to the matter. However, the man responsible for the appearance of the five Incensed Kami on the island, Masatake Arakida, attacks Haru and steals parts of her body. He then chains her to a quelling stone and locks her away in a shrine. In a desperate attempt to summon reinforcements, Haru accidentally summons the Player to her world.

The Player and Haru join forces to solve the mystery of the Divine Boundaries, quell the Kami, and put a halt to Masatake’s plans.

Director Bio:

Takahashi HiromichiHiromichi Takahashi
Previously director and producer for four Japanese game companies and two Korean game companies, including Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., and Tecmo Co., Ltd. (presently Koei Tecmo Games Co., Ltd.).

Director for “Doko Demo Issyo” at Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., which was the recipient of numerous awards including the 1999 Multimedia Grand Prix Minister of International Trade and Industry Award and the fourth Japan Games Award.

Ten years after its release, with continuing sequels and the cumulative copies in the series exceeding two million, “Doko Demo Issyo” has firmly established itself as a long hit series. Takahashi possesses a broad understanding of the community gleamed from time spent in the online gaming industry in both Korea and Japan, coupled with abundant experience and knowledge in developing and managing online games.

Still also an active game developer, producing and directing the VR games “Last Labyrinth” and “The Tale of Onogoro.”

Tale of Onogoro