Directed by:

Pascal Pelletier





French music producer Molécule is the pioneer of “nomadic electronic music.” Following on from his debut album, for which he spent 34 days on an Atlantic fishing trawler, he went to Greenland to make -22.7°C. Starting out from a remote Inuit village, he went on various trips to glaciers and fjords where he used his “survival elektrokit” to record environmental sounds such as howling wind, loud crackling deep in the Arctic ice, and the crunch of snow. He then processed the sounds and mixed them into beats.

In -22.7°C, the evocative power of Molécule’s music is enhanced by the immersive dome experience and the visuals created by Dirty Monitor. Soundscapes are like living organisms that surround us. Sounds punch a hole through the veneer of reality and take us to another level, deep beneath the ice and up into the firmament, to feel the caress of the Northern Lights.

Director Bios

Molécule Molécule
French music producer, composer, arranger, and remixer Molécule likes to experiment with music. Alchemist of modern times, he merges electronic and acoustic sounds for an electrifying musical digest.

Dirty Monitor Dirty Monitor
Based in Belgium, Dirty Monitor is a pioneering creative studio in the design and production of content for video mapping and audiovisual productions.