In times like these

In times like these…

Directed by:

Alex Scollay, Jevon Chandra, Corentin Derbre, Yanyun Chen





In times like these… speaks to the strange times we live in, where the expressions of our senses are locked in deep isolation, where the abstract pulsates vividly in our cognitive presences, where intricate movements of colour, light and sound turn up their volumes, such that we are inundated by their slowly inching wilt towards death. The VR experience is one of slow-motion aesthetic implosions, that a viewer melts into the virtual at the eye of the cascading storm. This project extends from a previous collaboration between computer graphics artist Alex Scollay and visual artist Yanyun Chen, and paired with sound designed by artist Jevon Chandra, and VR technologist Corentin Debre, bringing the visuals from a temporal exhibition space into virtual reality.

Director Bios

Scollay Chandra Derbre Chen Alex Scollay is a New Zealand born visual effects artist and designer. His career spans 20 years working in Hollywood, television, and advertising, including work on the Star Wars, Marvel, and DC film franchises at Lucasfilm and Industrial Light & Magic. He has been based in Singapore since 2014 and is currently serving as the director of CG at the award winning Singapore Studio Method & Madness.

Jevon Chandra is a Singapore-based transdisciplinary artist and composer. As lead artist and/or collaborator, he regularly works with leading theatre and dance companies in Singapore, and his works have been presented internationally across Thailand, Korea, Japan, and London.

Corentin Derbré is a French game developer and artist based in Singapore. His work is often using bleeding-edge technology. He currently operates his studio Bergamot Digital, specializing in Unreal Engine. Dr.

Yanyun Chen is a visual artist, and runs a drawing, new media and installation practice. She received the prestigious National Arts Council Young Artist Award (2020), Singapore’s highest award for young arts practitioners, aged 35 and below. Her works were also awarded the Prague International Indie Film Festival Q3 Best Animation Award (2020), ArtOutreach IMPART Visual Artist Award (2019), National Youth Film Awards Best Art Direction Award (2019), Singapore Art Museum President’s Young Talents People’s Choice Award (2018), Japan Media Arts Festival (2012) and Lee Kuan Yew Gold Medal Award (2009).

In times like these