Klaxon. My Dear Sweet Friend

Directed by:

Nikita Shokhov





This 360 VR experience is a laboratory of understanding and poetic interpretation of whiteness and the double consciousness of black people. It is a journey through the intimate world of memories and thoughts of a woman, going through several stages of her life and her different selves. Through symbolic language, a viewer contemplates her life-long process of becoming. An innovative approach in immersive storytelling bridges cinematic and post-dramatic theatre experiences. The visual narrative unfolds in the subconscious state between dream and wake.

Initiated by Russia-born US-based artists, this project is addressed to contemporary white immigrants in the US. In order to reveal the harmful impacts of white supremacy on the consciousness level, creators draw from their research on US history, identity politics, intersectionality, and consciousness studies, as well as in-depth interviews conducted with black studies scholars, artists, and community members.

Director Bio

Nikita Shokhov Nikita Shokhov is a visual artist, the human being is the central subject of his practice along with philosophical agendas. Works with XR, documentary, volumetric video, photography, and film. Recipient of the World Press Photo and Nova Art awards, shortlisted in Cannes XR Development Showcase. Studied immersive environments in Virginia Tech; experimental filmmaking in California Institute of the Arts; documentary photography in Rodchenko Art School Moscow; worked in The Watermill Center theater residency with Robert Wilson on developing opera productions.

He had shows and screenings in such institutions as Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Manifesta Biennale 10 (St. Petersburg), 6th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, 5th Photoquai Biennial (Paris), GRAD Gallery (London), Baltic Biennale of Photography (Kaliningrad), Moscow Multimedia Art Museum, Spring / Break Art Show (New York City and Los Angeles), Redcat Cinema (Los Angeles), ACM IMX (online), Art Doc Fest (Moscow).