NORN vol.1 -The 9 Daughters of RAN

NORN vol.1 – The 9 Daughters of RAN

Directed by:

Lina Reinsbakken





“NORN”is an interactive animated series that explores the human brain via a dark Nordic Fairytale. The mind’s Will is enslaved by the Queen of Fear, imagination is slowly fading. Time is running out. This immersive story invites the audience to join GULLVEIG, a cognitive thought and Dream-Designer, on an immersive journey to venture the brain with a dangerous Quest: To free the Will from enslavement in the reptile brain, and save the State of Fantasy

“The 9 Daughters of RAN” is the first chapter of this Hero’s Journey set inside the mind, and summons you to the weavers of Fate, the Norns, who wants the “chosen one” to answer the call to Adventure.

NORN vol.1 -The 9 Daughters of RAN