Prison X

Prison X

Directed by:

Violeta Ayala





The eccentric deity The Jaguaress greets you at the velvet curtain, she is followed by her twin blue jaguars with minds of their own. She casts you as Inti, a young man who dreamed of being a drug lord but ended up in prison after his first job as a mule for la blanca. Prison X is an Andean mythological animation that sweeps you into a labyrinthine metaverse, where you coexist with devils, saints, corrupt prison guards, and even a Western filmmaker.

Director Bios
Violeta Ayala is a Quechua filmmaker, artist, and writer known for directing award-winning documentaries like Cocaine Prison, The Fight, The Bolivian Case, and Stolen. Her films have premiered at top film festivals, been distributed in cinemas, broadcasters, and online platforms, and have won over 50 awards. She has a degree in Journalism and Media from Charles Sturt University and started her career at SBS Radio. Violeta has also written for the Huffington Post, developed projects in Virtual Reality, and given talks at conferences and events worldwide. She was a New Frontier Talent Fellow at Sundance and is a Member of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science.

Prison X (2021) – Trailer from UNITEDNOTIONS film on Vimeo.

Prison X