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Discover what happens to our abandoned dreams in “The Dream Collector,” a VR film that follows the story of an old man and his dog, who collect broken dreams and try to fix them.

Title: The Dream Collector
Director: Mi Li
Producer: Lei Zhengmeng
Country: China | RT: 12m
Production Company: Pinta Studios

An old man and his playful dog live together in a garbage dump, where they spend their days sorting through the trash left behind by others. The objects–-a broken guitar, a torn baseball glove, a deflated soccer ball––are the remnants of people’s abandoned dreams. Determined to bring these dreams back to life, the man tinkers away, carefully mending each piece of “garbage” until he can re-gift it to someone who will cherish it.

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TheDreamCollector_poster FIVARS 2017

Find out what it is like to walk through Guge Kindom Relics in Tibet from the perspective of its current Guardian, Pasang Tsering.

Title: Guardian of the Guge Kingdom
Director: Huang Bin
Producer: Frank Lee & Zhang Wei
Country: China | RT: 7m12s
Production Company: Beijing Autel Creative Culture Media Co., Ltd.

Tibet is a land filled with rich history and culture. Guge Kingdom Relics, which is located in western Tibet, is a part of Tibet’s history that is not known to most. Once a prosperous kingdom, Guge thrived for seven hundred years before its people mysteriously vanished, leaving a city full of temples, murals and Buddha statues behind to centuries of weathering under the stars. In this immersive VR experience, listen to Pasang Tsering’s story and follow his steps as he walks through this ancient city to study and protect its beauty, as he have done day after day for the past five years.

GUARDIAN OF GUGE KINGDOM---Equirectangular Poster