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With the help of the participant, an adventurous cat goes exploring in a mysterious fragment of a forgotten world, where the promise of good times quickly take a different direction.

Title: Hoodoo
Director: Catherine Salkeld
Producer: Tom Box
Country: United Kingdom | RT: 6m30s (times may vary)
Production Company: Blue Zoo Productions LTD

Claw is a curious cat, whose packed his bag and adventured up to the top of an ancient Hoodoo. Where there only seems to be an old temple and the promise of a mystical relic. Things aren’t as they seem however and the task quickly falls to the participant and the ever present Tour guide to help save both Claw and the locals from certain demise!

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Halcyon in an original concept created by Secret Location and designed in a unique hybrid format: 10 short-form episodes, interspliced with 5 interactive VR episodes that take you deeper into the story.

The 15-part series opens with a murder that happens in VR and invites viewers into the crime scene to help solve the case.

Title: Halcyon
Country: US & Canada | RT: 50m55s
Production Company: Secret Location
Distribution: Halcyonvr.com (International, including US & Canada)
Oculus Store (International, including US & Canada)
Syfy International (International, excluding US & Canada)
Showcase.ca (Canada)

Set in the year 2040, the series centers on Blake Creighton, the CEO of the world’s leading virtual reality company: Halcyon.
The company has bypassed headset devices and allows users to access virtual space through the use of neurological implants that manipulate the senses. When Creighton is found dead, Detective Jules Dover and her partner, Asha, must consider if this could be the world’s first virtual crime.

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Halcyon - Secret Location - FIVARS 2017

After the death of their secretly brilliant father, two erratic sister’s discover a headset that allows them to dimensionally travel discovering their mysterious past.

Title: Meta-Dimensional
Director: Michaella Vu
Producer: Braedan Herrera, Jenny Marrero, Philip Plough
Country: USA | RT: 6m31s
Production Company: Vunous

This meta-story structure spans into a 360 video that leads into the immersive web where one can explore the virtually built sets in 6 degrees of freedom or in any browser. This narrative takes the experiencer on a journey from flat two dimensional space to three dimensional space by combining a symphony of video footage (shot live and in the web), and virtual three dimensional assets (built in the web and taken from live sets).

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