Tag: VR Playhouse

In His Presence is an interactive prayer and meditation experience allowing users to spend time with the message of Jesus Christ.

Title: In His Presence
Director: Brenda Colonna
Producer: Philip Plough
Country: USA | RT: 15m
Production Company: Persistence Productions, VR Playhouse

IN HIS PRESENCE is a prayer and meditation experience focused around getting into the kingdom of heaven. Jesus Christ will speak to you through both scriptures and parables revealing instructive wisdom on living a virtuous life. While exploring the world a user is taken on a journey of ascension experiencing Biblical references in a variety of settings. Ultimately IN HIS PRESENCE is a tool allowing spiritual seekers to carve out time and mental space for a practice that can bring you closer to God and more in tune with the beauty of life.

In His Presence VR - FIVARS 2017


Title: Not Above That VR Experience
DIR: DJ Turner and Monty Marsh
Country: USA | RT: 4m
Production Company: VRPlayhouse

“Not Above That VR Experience” takes you on a journey through psychedelic space and time with futurist diva Dawn Richard. Viewers travel in a spaceship throughout the outer dimensions of the galaxy, encountering twinkling stars, unknown planets, fireballs, vortexes, black holes, wormholes and asteroid fields, at one point even navigating the terrain of an otherworldly planet.

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