FIVARS takes place Sept 15 – 19th 2023 in-person in Toronto
IDFK.art gallery
190 McCaul
Toronto, ON M5T 1W5

and Online through October 3rd.
Tickets available via Eventbrite

Tickets can be purchased for a specific 2 hour block for in-person showings. No tech experience required. We provide the headsets which are sterilized using medical-grade equipment.

Additionally you may visit our award-winning 3D webpage to view the majority of the 360-degree video content for up to 3 weeks.

FIVARS is brought to you by:
Keram Malicki-Sanchez – Executive Director, Web 3D Designer
Aimee Reynolds – Associate Producer
James Baicoianu – Principle Engineer
Bettina Fimio – Web Content Management
Ben Cross – Web Designer and Programming
Chrissy Aitchison – CFO