FIVARS had a chance to speak with Carlos Isabel García – the director of festival-favorite “CAVES” that puts the viewer into the claustrophobic beauty of subterranean worlds in 360 video and how it came to be.

This 360 VR experience is a laboratory of understanding and poetic interpretation of whiteness and the double consciousness of black people. It is a journey through the intimate world of memories and thoughts of a woman, going through several stages of her life and her different selves.

FIVARS had the opportunity to interview Max Schleser about his challenging experimental spherical film “A New Dawn” which forces the viewer to stop and contemplate the rugged, overwhelming nature of industrial relics. The features at FIVARS in FEB 2022.

An interview with the team behind Breaking Ground VR at FIVARS 2021 “As the world falls apart around them, Caleb, Manny, and Lilah must come to terms with themselves and each other before the end.”

In Mementorium, the interactive narrative prompts the player to find alignment between their emotions and the narrator’s emotions and make choices about how to respond to instances of harm in the future. Mementorium features at the FIVARS in FALL Festival 2021.