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Cosmic•Atomic (Fall 2022 Edition)

Cosmic•Atomic synchronizes the short film Powers of Ten with its ancestors/descendants, placing the viewer within a 360 degree kaleidoscopic ring…


TEARLESS moves through the haunting spaces of "Monkey House," a medical prison used to isolate U.S. military comfort women with…


Journey to an ancient aquatic oasis with creator and Academy award-winning VFX artist, Kevin Mack.


This interactive VR experience immerses you in the haunting memories of the director who was imprisoned in a "re-education camp"…

Stories of Home

Stories of Home VR depicts three unique personal narratives of “home” as place, memory, object and experience told by three…


The worlds' greatest VR comedy improvisors from productions that include "The Under Presents" and "Dr. Crumb's School for Disobedient Pets"…


Drawing on the eerie past of the site’s animal anatomical research, two ghostly beings dance across parallel spaces, whilst discovering…

Blood Relations

In collaboration with the National Film Board of Canada, “Blood Relations” is Analee Weinberger’s whimsical interactive VR documentary about an…
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Check out the 2022 FIVARS Awards Ceremony!

The 2022 FIVARS Awards celebrates the immersive narrative landscape in its many forms, showcasing remarkable talent and innovation propelling the industry forward. Through these groundbreaking experiences, creators continue to redefine what is possible, captivating audiences and transporting them to extraordinary realms while defining the grammar of a new highly expressive and spatial medium.

The 2022 FIVARS Awards, presented in 2023, unveil the final winners across various categories spanning the FIVARS in FEB and FIVARS in FALL 2022 selections.

The People's Choice category voted for the Best Passive Immersive Experience and Best Interactive Immersive Experience. At the same time, the Impact Award recognized creators who used the medium to provoke thought or change perspectives on social issues. These experiences went beyond entertainment, leaving a lasting impact.

The awards for excellence in Visual and Sound Design recognize those whose precise attention to detail heightened the story experience with stunning visuals and spatial audio soundscapes.
The Technical Achievement Award recognized the creators who harnessed the latest advancements to enhance the immersive experience.

The Excellence in Experience Design category honored creators who combined visuals, audio, interactivity, and narrative to create captivating, immersive worlds. These nominees displayed the power of cohesive design in crafting unforgettable experiences.

The Outstanding Performance Award celebrated the remarkable performances that brought characters to life in immersive experiences, whether in a passive playback context or a live #virtualreality performance via puppeteering an avatar.

Finally, the Grand Jury Prize, the pinnacle of the FIVARS Awards, honored the ultimate immersive experience that embodied innovation, storytelling prowess, technical excellence, and profound impact. This award recognized the outstanding achievement of the creators who redefined the boundaries of immersive entertainment, leaving a lasting legacy in the industry.


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“I see FIVARS as a shining example of what a festival should be doing to ensure that XR can become more accessible, now, and for generations to come.”


My lens into the 360 medium has been indelibly shaped by the curatorial vision of the major film festivals, which has had a very specific threshold for storytelling & form. It’s refreshing to see something distinctly different with Keram Malicki-Sanchez’s curation of FIVARS.
Kent Bye, Voices of VR

“Slowly but surely virtual reality (VR) movies and experiences are becoming just as important as VR videogames”

“FIVARS pushes the limits of Virtual Reality”


“Virtual Reality isn’t the stuff of fantasy any longer. Thanks to FIVARS, Canada’s first virtual reality film festival, this super-charged tech is destined to change how we experience on-screen storytelling.”

Digital Journal

“Stellar works were exhibited, each pushing the form in novel ways.”


“Virtual reality has already changed film and gaming. Now it’s coming for theatre”

Toronto Life

“Movies, video games, art — our vocabulary simply doesn’t do justice to the kind of sheer visceral experience offered by this new generation of virtual reality. The only way to really understand it is to experience it first-hand, when FIVARS in Toronto arrives…Here are some experiences that will turn VR skeptics into fanatics”

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