Praise for FIVARS


“Slowly but surely virtual reality (VR) movies and experiences are becoming just as important as VR videogames”

“A new wave of international filmmakers who are pushing the boundaries of cinema and narrative using Virtual Reality”
“FIVARS pushes the limits of Virtual Reality”
“Virtual Reality isn’t the stuff of fantasy any longer. Thanks to FIVARS, Canada’s first virtual reality film festival, this super-charged tech is destined to change how we experience on-screen storytelling.”
Digital Journal
“Stellar works were exhibited, each pushing the form in novel ways.”

“Virtual reality has already changed film and gaming. Now it’s coming for theatre”
Toronto Life

“Movies, video games, art — our vocabulary simply doesn’t do justice to the kind of sheer visceral experience offered by this new generation of virtual reality. The only way to really understand it is to experience it first-hand, when FIVARS in Toronto arrives…Here are some experiences that will turn VR skeptics into fanatics”

“One of the…global virtual reality events you shouldn’t miss this September, 2016”
Watch FIVARS Founder Keram Malicki-Sanchez discuss the VR zeitgeist at with Business News Network (BNN) at FIVARS 2016