2020 Tickets are now on Sale!
FIVARS Features Two Ticket Types:

360° Theatre Pass

If you love movies, short films, animation, documentaries, culture, theatre, and the arts, or the strange and esoteric, you can now experience them in 4k resolution via your Desktop Web Browser (no special equipment required!) in our custom-built 360° web theatre, or optionally, using any VR headset, or even one of those “Google Cardboards” or 360° Viewers, you got as a Holiday Gift and didn’t know what to do with…Until now!

To explore the High Resolution 360° Theatre, you want the FIVARS 360 Theatre Pass for $19.00 CAD! (plus those pesky fees and taxes).

Note that you do not need a VR headset to experience these films! All you need is a supported Web Browser, laptop, desktop or mobile phone.

The 3D world of the FIVARS Spatialized Events is like an interactive wonderland that you can visit with just your browser and keyboard or phone! In fact, that part isn’t VR at all! Only the content is!

Note that not all browsers, mobile phones or graphics cards are created equal. The following list will be updated.
We recommend the following:

Supported Browsers:
– Google Chrome
– Microsoft Edge
– Mozilla Firefox (works on most devices)
– Brave Browser

Not Supported:
– Safari

Tested Phones that work:
– Samsung Galaxy s10 or higher/newer version
– Google Pixel 3 or higher

Not supported:
– Motorola Razer 3

All-Access Pass:

If you own a VR headset like an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, then, in addition to the 360° Theatre you will gain access to our Interactive Experiences, industry talks with content creators, producers, and programmers, and our Private Discord Server.

Purchase the All -Access Pass for only $32 CAD(plus fees and taxes).

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