Welcome to the FIVARS Festival 2022

Welcome to FIVARS – Here’s How to Access the Show

How to Redeem Your Online FIVARS Ticket

In order to experience the FIVARS Virtual Worlds with your Online Pass you will need to follow the instructions below.

  • As of the start date of the show, visit https://fivars.spatialized.events/ with one of the recommended browsers: Chrome and Microsoft Edge (Avoid Mozilla Firefox and iOS).
  • Login with the Email associated with your Eventbrite ticket
  • You will then receive a code to your registered email address; return to the browser and enter this code
  • Follow onscreen instructions (Choose your username, Fish or Dragonfly Avatar or Ready Player Me Avatar, and if you want your microphone turned off/on)
  • Click Enter on Screen

How to Access the FIVARS Content

How to Move in the Virtual Space:

  • Using the WASD Keys you can move forward, backward, left, and right
  • The Avatar will move in the direction your mouse is facing
  • By default your mouse locks to your view, press the ESC key to release your cursor
  • To return to the Virtual Space and move again, click anywhere within the browser
  • Hit ‘T’ key to type into text chat

How to Watch Stories the 360 Stories:

  • Click on the Play Icon on the chosen Experience. If you are coming in via mobile you can click the VR headset play button and the view will switch to Google cardboard mode.
  • The countdown will begin and the Experience will start
  • Click anywhere to see the playback timeline, or anywhere again to turn it off or wait for it to fade out
  • If you wish to Exit the Experience, click on the Exit Door Button to return to the 360 Galleria

If you are interested in accessing the Online FIVARS worlds with a headset check out our supported devices and guides

If you have any questions, or need assistance please contact [email protected]

Where to Access the Interactive Content

FIVARS Interactive Selections will be available at in-person pop ups! There are limited tickets available.  Tickets to the Toronto location are available here, and stay tuned for tickets to our available US locations.

*In-person tickets include access to the Online Festival and Discord. If you have previously purchased an online ticket and would like to upgrade to an In-Person event ticket, please contact us at [email protected]

What is a Discord Server & How do I Access it?

Discord is an application for text, video and voice channels, and will be used to connect and foster conversations with attendees and content creators. We recommend downloading the desktop app and following along with the festival’s events and news.

Check your registered email for the link to the festival Discord server.

How Do I Sign up For LIVE Performances?

Included in your ticket (both online and in-person) are passes for live VR performances by Severance Theory and MindLand VR. They are limited, and first come first serve. We will send out an email and link where you can sign up for the performances.

*There is no headset required for the live VR performances, you can also enjoy from your desktop!