Born Into Exile

Born into Exile

Title: Born Into Exile
DIR: Charlotte Windle Mikkelborg
Country: Jordan/UK/Spain | RT:8m17s
Production Company: Picture This Productions

The film follows two pregnant Syrian refugee women, living in Zaatari refugee camp, Jordan, in the week leading up to the births of their babies. The film highlights the fact that 500 pregnant women and girls die daily in crisis situations because of complications in pregnancy and childbirth. The film has recently had private launches at the ‘Women Deliver’ conference in Copenhagen, the first ‘World Humanitarian Summit’ in Istanbul and most recently in the US Houses of Congress, with the result that a decision was made to commit more money to the United Nations Population Fund, whose remit is to deliver a world where every childbirth is safe.

Director Bio:
Charlotte Windle Mikkelborg is a filmmaker and virtual reality journalist. She’s particularly interested in the question of whether and to what extent VR heightens empathy. Previously BBC China Correspondent, Charlotte has been running Picture This Productions since 2009. Turning ideas into powerful films that help change the world, Picture This Productions has made 40+ short docs, animations and interactive projects of global social relevance for clients including the United Nations and several of the world’s leading NGOs, helping them inform and influence governments and key decision makers. Several of these films have been re-versioned for broadcast including for Channel Four’s Foreign film Fund. Charlotte has also directed/produced a handful of feature length films, which have garnered awards including the Grand Jury Prize at SXSW and the Silver Hugo at the Chicago Film Festival. Born into Exile is Charlotte’s first 360 film.

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