The Cooties Equirectangular - FIVARS 2017

The Cooties

The Cooties present an all new live-action VR music video that reacts to you!

Title: The Cooties
Director: Josh Gladstone, Daniel Kaminsky
Producer: Christopher Smith
Country: USA | RT: 3m
Production Company: Pseudoscience Pictures

Experience the world’s first VR music video that reacts to you! ‘VR’ is a new song by Los Angeles comedy trio and UCB regulars The Cooties. Enjoy the high-resolution 3D 360 video of Google’s Jump camera, and control the content with interactivity that always keeps things new. The more you look around, the more there is to see!

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The Cooties poster - FIVARS 2017The Cooties Equirectangular - FIVARS 2017