Rewilding Poster at toronto International Film Festival

Rewilding: The Interactive Holograms of Michael Carter

Title: Rewilding: The Interactive Holograms of Michael Carter (World Premiere)
Director: Michael Carter
Format: Interactive, Holographic Box
Genre/Niche: Education
Country: Canada

This interactive installation focuses on each learner of the VARK model (Visual, Audio, Reading, Kinesthetic), and allows users to learn about plants and animals via 3D holograms projected into the Looking Glass. Users are able to place 3D printed artifacts on an RFID reader that was created using two Arduinos, and spawn each model that corresponds to each unique artifact. Once the model has appeared, the user can visualize the model in a 3D space, listen to the environment that model is situated in, read about the model via a description window, and trigger an narrative audio file of that description.