FIVARS VR Awards Show

FIVARS 2018 Award Winners

FIVARS is the original narrative-specific Virtual and Augmented Reality stories festival. Unlike many other festivals, it is a standalone event – not tethered to an existing film festival and completely independently operated.

From 2017 to 2018, FIVARS Submissions Dept. saw over 450 submissions and there were many, many worthy entrants. In the end our decisions came down to those pieces that were well-crafted, responsibly designed (that we could safely and reliably exhibit to any sort of end user), that took a creative risk and demonstrated a new approach in some way.

This year, the FIVARS flagship event featured 36 experiences and represented 12 countries that included eight from Canada, USA, Switzerland, Greece, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania, two projects from Australia, two from Spain, three from France –proving that the FIVARS brand still holds strong beyond its borders.

On September 25th, 2018 the winners announced at last the 4th annual FIVARS Awards Show in downtown Toronto.

The event garnered 50 pieces of show coverage which include the Toronto Star, an interview on CBC radio, plus international media outlets in South Korea, Spain, Switzerland–garnering over 1.13 million coverage views from 1.71 billion online readers.

Over 250 unique customers enjoyed content over three 9-hour days at the historic Matador Ballroom in an exclusive engagement; while we collected ratings and data on each piece manually and through the Contraverse app which recorded heatmaps and view counts. Over 700 were counted immediately after the experiences, using a solid point rating from 1 to 5.

Watch the video of the awards below:


The 2018 FIVARS Award Winners


FIVARS 2018 People’s Choice for Best Passive Spherical Experience


Going Home
Director: David Beier

FIVARS 2018 People’s Choice for Interactive Experience


Museum of Symmetry at toronto International Film Festival

Museum of Symmetry
Director: Paloma Dawkins

FIVARS 2018 Impact Award


The Hidden
Dirs: Annie Lukowski, BJ Schwartz

FIVARS 2018 Grand Jury Prize


Battlescar 16x9

Dirs: Nico Casavecchia, Martin Allais

Thank you to everyone who supported this important independently run, truly international showcase. Your kindness and patronage are essential to its continuity and our aspiration to constantly push the standards higher while affording a platform to anyone anywhere around the world to share their best work and unique and important ideas.

FIVARS VR Awards Show