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Space Girl 360 – Training Day! + Space Girl 360 – Marooned!
Space Girl’s needs a sidekick are you ready to suit up?
Suit up, Rookie! It’s your first day on the job as Space Girl’s sidekick! + (pt2) Ok Rookie, you’re marooned on an alien world with Space Girl. How will the species survive?

Space Girl is played by internet star Lauren Francesca who is considered a luminary for her savvy adventures in new media. Besides having over 150,000 YouTube subscribers, she has also spoken on panels at SXSW.
Dir: Tom Small
USA | 3m41s
Production Company: iwantmylauren
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Vine | YouTube | Instagram

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Sonar – A 360° Experience
Every signal has a source.
An asteroid emerges from the darkness of space, sending out some kind of signal. A drone tries to locate the source and dives deep into an extensive cave system.
Director: Philipp Maas, Dominik Stockhausen
Germany | 6m9s
Production Company: Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg GmbH
Website | Facebook | Twitter (Phili Maas) | Twitter (Von Stockhausen)

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Snow Globe (World Premiere)
It is time to let go, and let this soothing speaker take you down into a calmer, cooler place.
Spiritual psychologist and YouTube ASMR star Olivia Kissper uses guided imagery to downshift your mind using known triggering techniques. Shot stereoscopically, this 360 degree video features binaural audio and an ambient musical score by Automated Gardens.
Dir: Keram Malicki-Sanchez & Lee Towndrow
US | 3m5s
Production Company: Transportive.Technology
Website | Facebook | Twitter

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