A New Dawn

FIVARS 2022 Spotlight – A New Dawn

Max Schleser FIVARS had the opportunity to interview Max Schleser about his challenging experimental spherical film “A New Dawn” which forces the viewer to stop and contemplate the rugged, overwhelming nature of industrial relics. The features at FIVARS in FEB 2022.

FIVARS: What led to the creation of this piece?
I was fascinated by the former industrial site and wanted to use imaginative storytelling to demonstrate how the past requiem can still shape our lives. For me, Cinematic VR experiences are about capturing locations.

FIVARS: What was the production process for you and your team? What did you learn?
It was fantastic to work with Simon Longo who used various microphones to capture the sound of the location and the factory itself. Despite COVID-19, the collaboration with RNA studio in Brazil for the soundtrack and mix Ambisonic was fantastic. We used sound as a wayfinder that interacts with the visuals and brings the factory to life again.

FIVARS: How did you become an immersive media content creator and why?
15 years ago I started making films on mobile phones/cellphones and then smartphones. I am excited to explore new aesthetics to craft unique experiences. A New Dawn is my third Cinematic VR experience and there are still a lot of new things emerging in this creative process.

FIVARS: What is the VR/AR industry like in your region?
Melbourne is a great place for filmmakers and AR/AR industry generally. There are some colleagues that produce inspirational work and some great festivals and venues to connect to artists and filmmakers.

FIVARS: What do you have planned for the future?
At the moment I am exploring NFTs and will get into Volumetric Video soon.

FIVARS: What would you like to share with fellow content creators and/or the industry?
Innovation is all about creativity and then sharing these novel experiences with communities widely.

FIVARS: Do you think VR festivals like FIVARS are important?
Festivals like FIVARS are key to meeting new colleagues from around the world and exploring the latest directions and development. The program this year looks fantastic.

FIVARS: Anything else you’d like to add?
Feel free to send me your feedback. I am @MaxMobile on Twitter. I hope you enjoy “A New Dawn”

A New Dawn